For a faster answer please check these answers to Frequently Asked Questions before you use our contact form.

How do i upgrade my Free Limited Use Membership to a paid one?
Simple, just log in with your Free membership username and password, then click on the 'Upgrade' button.

I want to upgrade but I don't like paying by card, what can I do?
Sorry, postal payments are not accepted. Please contact us if you would like to pay via Bank Transfer.

I'm having login problems!
Your password is case sensitive so needs to be typed in with capitals where appropriate. If you log in and get referred back to the login page again, make sure your browser privacy settings are not too high. This site does use cookies which keep you logged as you navigate around the site. Setting your privacy level too high will block them.

I can't find my own profile when searching!
It's not actually so easy to find your own profile when searching. When you search, a two way match is made to ensure that the results shown are not only those members who meet your requirements, but also that yuo meets theirs. So if your profile is set to 'male searching for female', your own profile won't show up as you are not female. The same applies to other search options also.

I have made a subscription payment but my account has not been upgraded.
Firstly, it does on occasion take a few minutes to get your payment notification for the auto upgrading of your account. This is the most likely cause of any such problem.

If more than 30 minutes has past and your account has not been upgraded then please check that you have received an email confirmation that payment has been made. It is possible that an element of the payment process had not been completed and the payment didn't go through. The presence or lack thereof of your payment confirmation email will settle this.

If your account has not been upgraded and you have confirmed that a payment has been made please forward a copy of the confirmation email to admin@freerub.com and we will investigate and manually upgrade your account.

Will my upgrade payment auto renew when it expires?
We don't allow auto recurring subscritions to be created, payments are one off for the whole period in question.

Im having trouble uploading pictures?
Uploading a photo is a good idea as it 'dramatically' increases the rate of response to your messages. Make sure your picture files are less than 2MB each and are jpg file types.

What can I do about members who keep annoying me?
Use the block function found in annoying members profile. They won't be able to contact you, view your profile and their profile will be removed from your search results.

If you feel that someone is misusing the site please use the 'Report abuse' button on their profile page.

How do I cancel my account?
Log in, click on 'Account' and follow the 'Cancel Account' link.

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