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Is having a massage becoming a 'bank' breaking experience?

If you regularly have therapeutic or relaxation massages - then you might find the expense can become a little hard to manage.

Having a massage is a great way to help reduce or relieve cramps, aches and pains that might occur following a particular exercise or activity. Massage can also be a good way to eliminate tension, stress and fatigue....

Having a massage is highly recommended for a number of situations... The problem, however, is that the cost of having a professional massage regularly can stack up pretty quickly. In the past that has meant you either go without or at the very least limit the regularity with which you see your massage therapist - But this doesn't have to be the case anymore...

Find Massage Buddies & Slash the Cost For Your Massage Therapy...

FreeRub.com is the perfect solution to provide you with access to tens of thousands of other massage enthusiasts who, like you, are looking for massage partners to trade massage therapy with. Sure, we have massage professionals within our membership too - but everybody is welcome regardless of qualifications or experience.

Finding one or more massage partners can potentially save your $1000s in professional massage fees over months and years.

Getting started with FreeRub.com is easy - simply fill out the basic registration form and you can begin searching the membership database right away. Completing your own profile will also help other FreeRub.com members find you.

Via the FreeRub | Free Massage community you can now find a massage partner and exchange massage at times and frequencies that suit you! You don't have to be a professionally qualified masseuse to join, you just need to be willing and responsive to others' feedback.

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Relax For A Fraction Of The Price!

This community driven site is about helping people find each other through our unique service. While we do ask for a small fee from our silver and gold members - we aim to keep this to a minimum... Our ethos is that we would rather have lots of happy members paying a little, rather than a few dissatisfied members paying a lot!

FreeRub.com is strongly focussed on providing you with the tools and resources you need to find partners by entering a range of criteria to find members who match your preferences.. In order to help you make the most of this site and to connect with other members of the FreeRub | Free Massage community - we provide various tools to make your partner search as easy as possible.

An Online Community for Massage Lovers!

Massage can have a big impact on our lives - assisting us with issues of stress, wellbeing and also health issues. For many people however - it is not merely the relief that massage brings for a number of conditions - the reason massage is so popular also has a lot to do with the feel good factor. Massage is great for boosting your general wellbeing - and while going to a professional qualified massage therapist is a positive experience, not all of us have the resources to do that as often as we would like.... This is where FreeRub.com can help you!

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FREE Membership - Yes - we offer a free option! If you are just starting out and would like to get a taste of what membership is like - then you can create a profile, search for massage partners and receive messages to help you decide if a membership with FreeRub.com is the answer for you. If you don't love it you've lost nothing - but if you can see the value of being part of this unique community - then you simply upgrade to a PAID membership to access the full range of messaging options.

With both a Free and Paid membership, email notifications are sent to the recipient when you post a new message.

Reap The Benefits Of This Unique Online Community

If you have never had a professional massage I highly recommend having one. It's probably the easiest and quickest way to learn and will give you an idea of what your prospective partners may be expecting. Picking up an instruction video produced by qualified massage instructors is always a good idea as well!

We'd love to have you join our community - if you're ready to get started - simply click on the 'Register' button to get started today!

NOTE - This site is for adults looking for straight forward massage only. As such, if you use this site's facilities to promote or solicit anything more 'adult' your account will be cancelled.